Payroll –
Rafaga provides end-to-end solutions in the domain of Payroll that covers the entire spectrum of services as mentioned below:
  1. Payroll Management Services
    • Payroll outsourcing
    • Staff Loan / Advance Administration
    • Employee expense reimbursement Administration
  2. Payroll Tax Management Services
    • Employee Helpdesk management
    • Employee Investment proof verification management
Consulting –
With its well rounded experience, Rafaga is ideally positioned to provide specific solutions to challenges faced by our clients in the domain of Payroll. Few of such services have been mentioned hereunder.
  1. Compliance Audit Services
    • Payroll process compliance
    • Payroll tax & labor law compliance
    • Payroll process setup & Documentation
  2. Training Service
Accounting –
We fulfill client needs in the ACCOUNTING domain by offering two types of solutions.
  1. End-to-end solutions
  2. Modular solutions
    • Routine, day-to-day Accounting
      • Preparation of vouchers
      • Maintenance of primary accounting records
      • Compliance management – TDS, Service tax, others
      • Bank reconciliation
      • MIS
    • Finalisation of Accounts
      • Preparation of schedules
      • Ledger scrutiny
      • Inter-branch reconciliation
      • Passing year-end adjustment entries
      • Compliance with statutory reporting requirements
    • Reconciliation of records
      • Banking records
      • Debtors accounts (Accounts Receivable)
      • Creditors accounts (Accounts Payable)
      • Staff loans & advances
      • Inventory records
      • Inter-branch reconciliation
      • Payroll records
      • Fixed Assets records
    • MIS
      • Analysis of data – expenses, income, payments, others
      • Presentation in prescribed formats
    • Audit programme management
      • Interface between client & auditors
      • Coordination with auditors
      • Preparation of finalization schedules
      • Services available for various types of audit – statutory, special

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