About Us

Our Background

Rafaga is a Mumbai-based, professionally-managed group offering diverse enterprise solutions since 1994.

Rafaga External Management Solutions (Rafaga EMS) facilitate enterprises to smoothly & confidently outsource the management of their business processes / functions.

Rafaga’s portfolio of business solutions also includes HR Solutions (Manpower Search & Temp Staffing), Financial Advisory Solutions (related to M&A & capital-raising) and Personal Tax & Finance Solutions (Advisory as well as Transactional). Our Solutions

Our Solutions

Rafaga EMS enable clients to set and attain goals without having to assign their own precious resources to carry out essential yet non-core activities such as Payroll Administration, Compliance Management & Accounting.

Rafaga EMS are aimed at delivering enhanced value to clients by improving the efficiency of output achieved coupled with fulfillment of compliance requirements. Our solutions derive their effectiveness from our domain expertise & strong business orientation. Experience gained by us over the last decade and a half in serving a variety of organizations has also had a significant role to play in making our solutions more relevant to our clients’ needs.

Our Strengths

Rafaga’s solutions are powered by our practised values including integrity, commitment, fairness, humility and simplicity. These values as also our penchant for knowledge, quality consciousness and a demonstrated ability to be resourceful have propelled us in our steadfast endeavour to augment the value of our constituents such as our staff, clients, the government and other stakeholders.

Our Team

Team Rafaga comprises earnestness, enthusiasm and a high degree of commitment personified by our members. The exuberance of our execution team is harnessed by the experience and wisdom of our core team comprising professionals who have sharpened their skills in disciplines as varied as Accounting, Finance, Taxation, HRD, Business Laws, Information Technology, Marketing and International Business.

Our Performance

Rafaga EMS have benefited an array of reputed organizations involved in businesses as diverse as manufacturing, banking, insurance, retail finance, information processing, IT solutions, technical consultancy, marketing and customer care. Check out our client list. Rafaga has always aspired to be a model corporate citizen. In the business context, our clients and staff have benefited from our being responsive, dependable and a promoter of good practices. In the social context, we have always acknowledged the need to be responsible by observing compliance in respect of various business laws and conducting our activities in a transparent manner.

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