What are the conditions for eligibility of benefits?

Women indulging temporary of unmarried are eligible for maternity benefit when she is expecting a child and has worked for her employer for at least 80 days in the 12 months immediately proceeding the date of her expected delivery {Section 5}

Cash Benefits
•    Leave with average pay for six weeks before the delivery
•    Leave with average pay for six weeks after the delivery
•    A medical bonus of Rs. 25 if the employer does not provide free medical care to the woman
•    An additional leave with pay up to one month if the woman shows proof of illness due to the pregnancy, delivery, miscarriage or premature birth
•    In case of miscarriage, six weeks leave with average pay from the date of miscarriage

Non Cash Benefits/Privilege
•    Light work for ten weeks (six weeks plus one month) before the date of her expected delivery, if she asks for it
•    Two nursing breaks in the course of her daily work until the child is 15 months old
•    No discharge or dismissal while she is on maternity leave
•    No change to her disadvantage in any of the conditions of her employment while on maternity leave
•    Pregnant women discharged or dismissed may still claim maternity benefit from the employer
Exception: Women dismissed for gross misconduct lose their right under the Act for Maternity Benefit

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